fABBA-ulous Fun!

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May 8, 2017 - 1:07am -- Gemma Wilkins

On the weekend Bathurst Panorama Chorus took a little bus trip to the 5th Annual Trundle ABBA Festival. The date has been in the chorus calendar for quite some time, intially as a social option however approximately 8 weeks ago we were invited to be officially included in the program. It's been 8 weeks of Mamma Mia, Gimme Gimme and Dancing Queen (and other hits from that era) to put together a 30 minute set to take to the event stage. 

Now costumes are a MUST when attending the ABBA festival, and the girls certainly showed their creativity and style with the costumes they arrived in. The bus left Bathurst a little before 8am, spirits were high, costumes were bright and the girls ready to have an ABBA-solutely awesome day. A little rain on arrival to Trundle didn't put us off for too long, and soon enough after taking to the stage we started to gather quite an audience. Crowd favourites were definitely the ABBA classics, which is to be expected at an event celebrating ABBA. 

With the performance over it was time to play, some girls braved the stage again in a singing contest, others watched. There were market stalls,food vans, dancing in the street and plenty of people watching. The day concluded with a Bjorn Again Concert at sundown, relaxing in a folding chair with a picnic dinner. What F-ABBA-ulous fun!






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